When is bedtime in Vegas?

We all have different values, different financial situations and many different factors that affect how often we can visit our favorite city – Las Vegas.

Interestingly, across a number of Vegas forums and a number of frequent flyer forums I visit, there has been a recurring theme this year – should people travel (especially to Vegas) with toddlers and babies.

It may just be me, but Vegas makes me feel young. Mostly. The only time I feel myself starting to act my age is when I see parents dragging babies and toddlers around at 10pm, 11pm, even midnight or later. I appreciate a desire to enjoy Vegas, but are my values different? (For “different“, read “old-fashioned“?)

The (great) movie The Hangover generated a lot of laughs from putting a baby into situations in Vegas where you would normally think any sane person would not take a baby. Indeed, it even spun off an industry creating T-shirts with the image of a baby carrier and baby. And whilst we all laugh at the absurdity of the situations in the movie, it was only over this Summer that we realised just how prevalent babies and toddlers were on the Strip after “bedtime”.

Society has changed a lot over recent years, there are more single parent families and cheap travel and a general “enjoy life” under-current mean that we live in a “me” time where social mores have changed. That said, is the Strip a baby-friendly place after dark? If you come to Vegas with a young baby then your choices are somewhat limited – you either stay in your room after the bedtime for the child, or you take the child out with you. (Obviously you can’t take the child into bars or the main casino floors or even most shows, so perhaps this is why walking the Strip with a large cocktail in your hand seems to be a popular choice).

Having recently stayed near DisneyLand, I can see situations in which kids are up late – the fireworks are amazing and I wouldn’t want to be a kill-joy and stop anyone from appreciating them – but I do question “what is in it for the baby/toddler” in Vegas?

What are your thoughts? Will we ever “Reclaim The Night” for adults? Do we just have to get used to seeing sleep-deprived babies and toddlers get pushed through the Strip late at night? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. You are not alone! its shocking to see babies being dragged around the strip at night by mothers who ignore the babies and walk the strip gossiping with their friends and drinking souvenir cocktails. It always seems to be young mums wearing what my husband calls stripper clothes and they always seem to travel in packs. If you are that desperate to go to Las Vegas, then could they not hire a babysitter?

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