The V list

Everyone wants to know the secret gems. The best places to stay, the secret special not on the menu, the best place to get a mojito and the absolutely must-do and must-see parts of Vegas.

Because we aim to please, we’ve created the V List – a dynamic list of what is currently the best, the coolest, the cheapest, the strangest, the weirdest, the most opulent and the funkiest. This is our list of absolutely-must-do best-in-class options in Las Vegas. It covers buffets to high-end restaurants, the best bargain rooms to the most luxurious special-stay rooms, shows, attractions, experiences, places to drink, places to dance and places to party. It’s the “go to” list for Vegas visitors.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be released a new V List entry every week, building up into the complete V List. We’ll be constantly reviewing the list, removing entries that we feel are no longer worthy, and adding new entries as Vegas evolves. One thing will remain constant – the V List will be the place to look if you want to find the things that make Las Vegas the place that so many of us love.

We start with one of the classes where there really is little competition – the must-do show of the moment in Las Vegas.

V List – Best Show in Vegas – Absinthe

Rarely has there been a show that out-Cirque's Cirque, that pushes every boundary it can and that deserves to unreservedly be called "Best Show In Vegas".

Imagine if Bill Hicks, PT Barnum and Nadia Comăneci had an unholy relationship and the children ran away and created a show on the Strip...

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