VegasNotes is a regularly updated site about the most dynamic city in the world – Las Vegas. It’s a city that is constantly reinventing itself, a city that is always innovating and a city that is not ashamed to steal the best ideas from cities all round the world. It is because of this constant churn and change that we originally created VegasNotes.com – to answer questions from friends and colleagues on what the latest best thing is, what has opened, what has closed, what is a must see and what must be avoided.

Over Summer 2011 we dismantled the old site, polished up all the good bits and then relaunched the site with a shiny new look on a proper domain, removing all the old content and queueing up lots of new content. We’re excited that we’ve also snapped up several Vegas regulars to write articles for the site too.

Two of our favourite columns have returned in shinier form – Vegas Answers and The V List – and are joined by a third regular column (Vegas Watch) that has been great fun writing over these past months.

Vegas is a very visual city, so the new site has a lot more emphasis on photographs to illustrate articles. We’re going to try to avoid areas that are already very well served by other sites, so we’ll be avoiding hotel reviews featuring hundreds of photos of the inside of hotel rooms, restaurant reviews featuring item-by-item mouth-watering photos, etc. Of course, we may still show a couple of room and food photos with our articles, but we’ll generally point you to other sites for exhaustive photographic tours.

You’ll also find that whilst we all love Las Vegas, there are also lots of things that niggle us about the city. And things that downright annoy us. Whilst we don’t expect to change them, we are going to continue to point them out. Because we do still believe in Disney’s “Small World” vision, and hope that one day we will all be singing an annoyingly catchy song whilst holding hands with porn slappers and prostitutes.