We’re back!

Welcome to the shiny new site!

If you visited our old site, then “Welcome back, hope you enjoy our new home“, otherwise “Oooh – fresh visitors – welcome!

The original VegasNotes site was created because we love 95% of Las Vegas, and get really frustrated with the other 5%. Really, really frustrated. The site was irreverent, bitchy and had a deep love of the city flowing through every paragraph that was written.

When we took the old site down at the start of Summer to refresh it, we didn’t really know how long we’d spend on the new design – we just knew that we wanted to create a funky new design, make it easier to find content and make it easier for the team to add content. We also knew that we had a LOT of Vegas time coming up over the Summer, but didn’t realise quite how much (hey – we are not complaining – Vegas time is quality time)

Over the Summer, we spent more time in Vegas than a sane non-resident would normally spend in Vegas in a year. There were weeks where all four of us were in Las Vegas, and between June and October there hasn’t been a week where at least two of us weren’t in town. ┬áThat has allowed us to spend a lot of time sampling new restaurants and bars, revisit a lot of hotels and generally indulge ourselves. Which resulted in a lot of content for the new site.

We then looked at the content on the old site and had to make some hard decisions about whether to migrate it across. Given that Vegas is constantly changing, we ultimately came to the conclusion that we’d like to start afresh. That “blank page” feeling definitely delayed our relaunch by a few months – it is definitely easier to write articles 11, 12 and 13 than it is to write articles 1, 2 and 3. And we played with lots of different looks until we settled on one we all like (It’s important! We have to look at this site a LOT over the next year or two)

Over the next few months we will be releasing a lot of new content for the site, including a large number of articles for the three regular columns on the site. (Those three columns will magically appear on the site in the coming week, so don’t worry that you can’t find them just now!)

We hope you like the site, but more importantly we hope you love Las Vegas as much as we do and that at least something on the site gets you excited about revisiting the city and experiencing something new or revisiting an old favorite.


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