Still time to book for Labor Day Weekend in Vegas

There isn’t much that we can do about the fact that the restaurants will be fully booked, the buffets will increase their prices, and the city will be heaving with people desperate to grab one last long weekend of sunshine before Fall and Winter take over.

But what we can do for you is give you a general idea of the current pricing of the various Strip hotels (yep, we decided to focus on just the Strip this time). The prices don’t include taxes or Evil Resort Fees, but they are getting to the point where you can pretty much add $25-$30 per night for those at most hotels so in relative terms it doesn’t make much difference, as you go to Las Vegas mostly to gamble, which you can also do it online at theĀ luckydraw casino online.

We were assuming that you’d want to arrive in Las Vegas on Friday 29th August to make the most of the weekend and stay for three nights, hopefully driving or flying back home on Labor Day itself (good luck with the traffic or flights!)

We did find a few surprises:

  • The first was that all of the hotels actually had availability – something of a surprise given how in previous years there have been quite a few sell-outs.
  • Secondly, we didn’t expect the most expensive hotel (the Wynn) to be SEVEN AND A HALF TIMES as expensive as the cheapest (the Quad). We know it is far far nicer, but we’ve never visualised it as SEVEN AND A HALF TIMES before!
  • Come October when The Quad turns into the LINQ Hotel, we are going to miss that price point on the Strip – with the exception of The Place Which Shall Not Be Named, it is in a price point of it’s own.
  • Not only is there still a lot of availability, the prices are actually reasonable at the mid-level (say $400-$500 for 3 nights) and there is a decent level of choice.

Anyway, without further ado, we present the prices that were correct as of about 2 hours ago today – they *will* change, so don’t come crying to us if you miss out. You can click on the pretty chart below to see it full-size, or you can scroll down a bit more for a less pretty table.

Labor Day Weekend hotel prices

The Quad $191
Harrah’s $343
Flamingo $344
Ballys $389
Tropicana $405
Luxor $424
Paris $425
Planet Hollywood $472
Monte Carlo $493
TI $495
MGM Grand $520
Mandalay Bay $528
NYNY $565
Caesars Palace $574
Mirage $627
Bellagio $837
Venetian $887
The Cromwell $1157
Cosmopolitan $1158
Wynn $1448

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