Mamma Mia! To! Close!


After just 10 weeks, the curse of the Tropicana strikes again. Today it was announced that Mamma Mia, which transferred to the Tropicana in May from a 6 year run at the Mandalay Bay, is to close.

Tickets for the transferred show ranged $49-$105 with VIP options at $135 (all pre-tax and fees), and the word on the street is that the show was running well under 50% capacity for most showings.

Now one of the things that we love about Vegas is how often it reinvents itself, but we do wonder if the Tropicana is being just a bit extreme with all the changes that have taken place there. (By that we mean that since the relaunch we’ve seen the removal of the “Nikki everything”, the half decent Mob Attraction, the comedy, the Recycled Percussion show, etc.). We do love the Tropicana but to compete with center-Strip, they are going to need to find a very compelling show to fill their theater.

We actually visited the show in early July and although the show appealed more to our guests than to us, we thought it was everything you expected from the show and we actually liked the theater. It’ll be a shame for Mamma Mia to finally leave the Strip so we’ll leave you with the initial opening video so you can get THAT song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


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