Go Ahead… Annoy Me (part 1)

I’m a very mellow person. When I’m in Vegas on vacation I’m even more mellow. Throw in an adult drink (or two) in the sunshine near a warm pool and the mellowness increases further.

That said, there are a few things you can do in Vegas to really annoy me:

  • People who walk very very slowly. I don’t mind people being awestruck at the spectacle that is the Vegas Strip, and I don’t mind less able people walking slowly. But please, stand to the side! For some reason, this affliction seems to affect people even more when walking by the porn slappers. No idea why.
  • People who walk slowly in the sidewalk and then just stop for no reason at all.
  • Walk slowly as a group and find a way to block the entire sidewalk so that there is no way around you.
  • At a buffet, take all the remaining nine slices of pizza, oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the world and that, shock! horror! they will refresh the buffet.
  • Restaurant staff and bar staff are human too. Treat them as such! In fact, I wish visitors would just make the assumption that everyone in Vegas is human and treat them accordingly. I don’t know why, but I see worse behaviour towards hotel and bar staff in Vegas than any other city.
  • People who get to the bar or the theatre box office and THEN start to decide what they want. Didn’t they anticipate that question?
  • People who buy their drink or ticket and then start a 5-minute hunt for a payment method as if they have never performed a purchase transaction before and the need for cash or a card had never crossed their mind. We should consider a law similar to the “three strikes” rule – if you delay people by more than 5 minutes on three occasions on the one day, your credit card details should be tattooed to your forearm so your arm can just be scanned in future to prevent further selfish delay. It’s fair.
  • A hand-bag does NOT need it’s own lounger at the pool during high season. No really, trust me, I’m a professional. I checked. It doesn’t.
  • When you come off the moving walkway (or moving stairs) don’t stop and work out where you want to go. It is dangerous and annoys everyone else. Also, to be perfectly honest, it scares us that you might procreate and contaminate the gene pool further.
  • I wonder what those lines on the ground in the car parks are for? I sometimes make a game of trying to park my car between them. Not sure if that game is going to catch on or not based on the parking I see in most Vegas resorts.

To be fair (and mellow), most of these are not restricted to just Las Vegas, but I guess they are far more noticeable when you are in your favourite place, the sun is beating down and all is good with the world.

So what about you? What annoys you when you are in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below.

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