And we’re back… again!

Can we please have 2011 back?

The start to 2012 was a strange one for the VegasNotes team with lots of Big Stuff (TM) outside the site keeping us away for the first few months of the year. That meant no trips to Vegas and no work on the site.

The good news is that we are now back with a focus on the site and we will be posting all of the articles that have been patiently waiting. Well most of it, as some of the articles will need to be updated since Vegas changes so quickly.

What’s also cool is that despite our absence from the site in 2012, you’ve all been checking back frequently and we’ve had lots of questions sent through for our regular columns – expect to see them start to reappear this week and your questions will be answered!

2012 is going to be an interesting year for Las Vegas – changes at the airport, changes to the Center Strip area to prepare for Linq, and a number of refits and general tidying-up projects. Not to mention big changes to Downtown. So stay tuned to VegasNotes as now we are back, we want to share our opinions.

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